We offer consulting and solutions for ERP software, WEB SHOP systems and INTRANETs, adapted and optimized to your business.



We are professional management consultants with years of experience. From this experience the following finding emerged:

We process this potential in the context of workshops – and together with you it is our task to define precisely the requirements, thus, the conceptual formulation of a beneficial ERP software solution, based on predefined standards of our ERP software.

This approach is supported by numerous of IT market researches which discovered that approximately 70% of the standard functions of ERP software cover the general requirements (basic processes) and only 30% of the requirements need individual – business related – solutions. However, these 30% distinguish your company from others and therefore has an enormous strategic importance.

The so-called key users hold the knowledge of these 30%. Our consultancy approach is aimed at working up this knowledge to integrate it into the ERP project.

This type of consultancy is efficient and saves costs. You get the ERP software, which takes in consideration the uniqueness of your organization, complemented with the latest technology as a support for your business processes.


E R P -system

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W E B – shop

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